CCI’s Self-Assessment Examinations
are NOW available to take online!

Brought to you by Cardiovascular Credentialing International

CCI offers Self-Assessment examinations to assist
those preparing for the following CCI examinations:

  • Certified Cardiographic Technician (CCT)
  • Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician (CRAT)
  • Registered Congenital Cardiac Sonographer (RCCS)
  • Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (RCES)
  • Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS)
  • Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS)
  • Registered Phlebology Sonographer (RPhS)
  • Registered Vascular Specialist (RVS)

CCI’s new online self-assessment examinations are web-based practice tests that parallel the format of the actual CCI certification exams.

The examinations are composed of questions that are to be used for self-evaluation purposes with regards to a CCI examination. These questions are based on the published examination outlines and, will help you become familiar with the format and subject content for your future examination.

The questions are categorized by subject category, similar to the subject matrix on which the credentialing examination is based. While the actual credentialing examination you are preparing to take will have more than 100 questions, the self-assessment versions will not have as many questions. The questions on the actual examination are randomized in the order in which they are presented.

The online versions of the Self-Assessment Examinations offer immediate score results. *PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive specific question/answer combinations.

Self-Assessment Examinations should not be used as your only reference or as a study guide